How To Play

Simple. Each week predict the Top 5 finishing order, sit back and enjoy the race. There is no drafting of drivers, no driver groups and no salary caps. Pick ANY drivers you want each week!


Non-point NASCAR races do not count towards league scoring.

Each driver in your line-up that finishes in the top 5 receives 1 point and each driver in your line-up that finishes in the EXACT position you predicted receives the following bonus points:

Example: You select Joe Racer to win the Daytona 500. At the checkered flag, Joe Racer does finish in first place. 6 points would be awarded for that driver (1 point for finishing in the top five and 5 bonus points for the exact position) and so on for the remaining four drivers on your line-up.

Predict Bonus
Win 5 Points
2nd Place 4 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 2 Points
5th Place 1 Point


Each participant must submit a driver line-up before the posted deadline of each race to be eligible for scoring points. Each deadline is posted on the home page; under Next Race, you will see the race/track name, deadline date & time and broadcast channel. The deadline time is posted in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and does not coincide with the dropping of the green flag or actual start of the race. Rain delays before or during any race does not change the deadline or allow teams to change driver picks.

To make picks, select your drivers from the drop down menu and click submit driver line-up. Make sure you get confirmation by seeing Your driver line-up has been submitted on top of your team panel.

If a line-up is not submitted, that participant will not receive points for that week. Line-ups do not roll over week to week. You must submit a line-up each week for it to be considered for scoring. Fox Valley Racing is not responsible for any line-ups that are not received and we will not submit them for you.

Substitute Drivers

NASCAR rules are implemented in this case. If the starting driver turns at least one complete lap, the team(s) will get the points awarded for the finish, if any.

Deducted Points

If any driver is stripped of a top five finish, the points will also be deducted from each team with that particular driver(s) as well.


There are four 9-race segments. Races 1-9 are the 1st segment, races 10-18 are the 2nd segment, races 19-27 are the 3rd segment and races 28-36 are the 4th segment. Random prizes will be awarded to the team with the highest score for each race. Grand prizes will also be awarded to the team with the highest overall point total at the end of each segment.

Contestants and their immediate family are only eligible to win only one segment prize per season. In the event of a repeat winner, the next highest point total will be used from all eligible teams remaining starting with second place.

Once each segment is finished, all player points will be reset to zero and the new segment will begin.


If multiple teams are tied for the weekly prize, the winner will be selected at random. If multiple teams are tied for the Grand Prize, a tie breaker will be used in this order:

  1. Most exact picks in the segment the tie occurs
  2. Most exact and top 5 picks in the segment the tie occurs
  3. Virtual coin toss